• Namibia National Policy on HIV/AIDsOct 28, 2013Namibia National Policy on HIV/AIDsThe National Policy on HIV/AIDS is geared towards guiding efforts related to our expanded national response to the epidemic. It encompasses policy statements related to the creation of an enabling environment; prevention; treatment, care and support; impact mitigation and workplace interventions and stewardship and management of our response.

  • HIV Programme Evaluation Report 2013Oct 28, 2013HIV Programme Evaluation Report 2013This report synthesises the results of the final evaluation of UNDP’s HIV AND AIDS Project from 2007-2013. The report does not aspire to have all the answers or to cover every intervention. However, it provides an opportunity to review essential elements of the project. It identifies important lessons learned during project implementation cycle in the hope of improved programming and replicating good practices.


UNDP Namibia supported the implementation of 15 IGP aimed at enhancing livelihoods with a focus on reducing transactional sex.


UNDP Namibia through the CCFC-CC project supported the national strategic interventions of MTP III and NSF namely prevention, treatment, care and support, impact mitigation and response management.