Women´s Empowerment

  • Gender Training Manual and Resource GuideOct 28, 2013Gender Training Manual and Resource GuideThe Namibian Constitution enshrines gender equality, and many laws have been passed which give substantive meaning to this laudable concept. The National Gender Policy 1997 and the National Gender Mainstreaming Plan has provided a clear and visionary framework for the transformation of gender relations. Some ministries have risen to the challenge and created gender main- streaming policies and plans. This Gender Training and Resource Guide is a tool for empowerment. It combines facts, resources and action-orientated exercises designed to understand, challenge and address inequality in all aspects of life. It is a truly Namibian Guide – speaking to us about our experience – and how we can transform our lives.

  • Assessment of the Woman and Child Protection Services in Kavango,  Karas, Khomas, Omusati & Omaheke  regions  in NamibiaOct 28, 2013Assessment of the Woman and Child Protection Services in Kavango, Karas, Khomas, Omusati & Omaheke regions in NamibiaAlthough research data on protection issues in Namibia is limited, a number of studies conducted by the Government, UN agencies and local NGOs help to identify the key concerns that require urgent attention either due to their high prevalence or due to their particularly serious nature. In addition to the issues covered in the literature, a number of serious protection issues were raised by communities, frontline service providers and other stakeholders who participated in this study. Many of these were found to be common to all five case study regions, although there was some regional variation in the emphasis given to specific concerns.

Masters of Arts in Gender Studies at the University of Namibia

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Namibia is supporting the development of a Masters of Arts in Gender Studies to be offered by the University of Namibia starting the academic year 2014.