Curriculum Development and In-service Teacher Education Project

What is the project about?

   There is a need to address continuous upgrading of unqualified and partly qualified teaching personnel at all levels in the basic education system. Photo - UNDP

The development of appropriate curriculum and upgrading professional qualifications and classroom performance of teachers over the past years has played an important role in improving post-independence education system. Quality education is a crucial element of poverty alleviation and human development which are at the core of UNDP development strategies. It is in this vein that UNDP, at a meeting with the then Minister of Education, Sport and Culture on November 26, 2001 agreed to support the Government of the Republic of Namibia on the administration of the Project on Curriculum Development and In-service Teacher Education. The Government’s request for UNDPs continuous assistance to consolidate and expand the project until it fully phases out, is a manifestation of the importance that the Government attaches to education in Namibia. The In-service Teacher Education through the current extension methods is going to form part of a national project for teachers to pursue further upgrading project towards improving academic backgrounds and strengthening skills for teachers in pursuit of the principles of lifelong learning.

The development objective of the project is to assist the Government of the Republic of Namibia in achieving its four main goals for the education sector, namely access, equity, quality and democracy in the delivery of educational services in order to achieve the ultimate objective of education for all.

What have we accomplished?

In 1995 at the start of the project Namibia recorded 12,145 under/unqualified teachers and in 2006 the number was reduced to 5,417, of those 2,500 enrolled at the National Institute for Education Development (NIED) in 2006.

Who finances the project?

Donor Amount in Namibian Dollars
BETD 7,140,000
Government 930,000
In-kind Contribution 4,000,000
Total Amount 12,070,000