• Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS and Gender into Environmental AssessmentMainstreaming HIV/AIDS and Gender into Environmental AssessmentThe Governance Unit in UNDP has partnered with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) to assist with the integration of health and social issues into environmental impact assessments (EIA). This project seeks to help the ministry and related stakeholders identify the gaps within existing environmental policies and to mainstream HIV/AIDS and gender-sensitive dimensions into existing policies and legislation as well as the planning phases for major capital projects across Namibia.

  • Community Capacity EnhancementCommunity Capacity EnhancementCommunity Capacity Enhancement (CCE) is a method for mobilizing communities to action while building trust, accountability and citizen participation. It is based on recognition that communities have the ability to care, change and sustain hope in the midst of major development challenges such as the current HIV epidemic.

Sustaining Leadership for an Expanded Response

Effective AIDS responses require strong leadership from inside and outside government, at national and local levels. Although strong leadership has been shown, it has not been adequately translated into practical terms.


As such, the Project sought to promote sustained leadership capacities and commitment so as to activate urgent responses to the National Strategic Framework for HIV and AIDS (NSF), 2010-2015. This was achieved through the LDP which was driven by the UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development (MRLGHRD) and the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM). Capacities for local leaders were enhanced through the leadership development programme (LDP) which involved training of leaders in leadership transformation so that they can take a leading in addressing HIV and AIDS in their constituencies.