Gender Responsive Procurement Project

What is the project about?

  Young girl playing football. Photo - UNDP

UNDP in collaboration with UN Women is supporting the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare to implement a Gender-Responsive Procurement project which seeks to introduce engendered procurement as one of the strategies towards gender equality and the empowerment of women. The aim of the project to encourage the government, development agencies and other stakeholders to ensure that they procure goods, services and civil works from business owned and/or managed by women. This will directly or indirectly benefit women entrepreneurs and expedite progress towards the attainment of MDGs.

What have we accomplished?

This project will be piloted in 3 regions which were selected due to them being leading hype economic hubs in the country, and also due the limitation of funds making it impossible to cover all the 13 regions.

Who finances the project

Donor Amount in USD
UNDP TRAC 55,000
UN Women 15,000