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      • UNDP Resident Representative Mr. Musinga T. Bandora Public Lecture at the University of Namibia

        19 Aug 2014

        “From the Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals of the New Post 2015 Development Agenda: Process and Prospects for Africa and Namibia-Making the New Agenda Work” Allow me to begin by thanking the University of Namibia for the great honour of being invited to deliver this public lecture on the Millennium Development Goals and the prospects of the Post 2015 Development Agenda.  I wish also to thank Professor Kingo Mchombu who first mooted the idea of me coming and sharing my reflections on the topic.      Adopted in the year 2000, the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); constitute a consensus among the member states of the UN around a development framework for addressing extreme poverty within a fifteen year timeframe from 2000 to 2015.  For those who may not know, Namibia played a crucial role in the coming into being of the MDGs. H.E. Dr. Sam Nujoma, co-presided over the Millennium Summit which met in September 2000 to discuss the role of the United Nations at the turn of the 21st century.  Equally, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Theo Ben Gurirab, was President of the UN General Assembly in 2000 when it adopted the Millennium Declaration which inspired and  Read More

      • Namibia lacks capacity, not money for socioeconomic development

        12 May 2014

        Child carrying gathered wood in the Windhoek informal settlement Havana. "we must not lose sight of the challenge of addressing inequality which – in the long term – can undermine whatever else Namibia has achieved," says Mr. Bandora Photo:UNDP

        In this exclusive and wide-ranging interview with Moses Magadza, Mr. Musinga T. Bandora,  shares his thoughts on many issues including Namibia’s socioeconomic development trajectory; the implications of Namibia’s upper middle income status; the role and challenges of UN agencies; decentralization; human capacity development and the country’s efforts towards meeting Millennium Development Goals. Moses Magadza: What would you say is the mandate of your office and what challenges do you need to overcome before this office can deliver more on that mandate? Musinga Bandora: We are here specifically to support Namibia address its development challenges. This is not only as UNDP but as Resident Coordinator of the UN operations across our mandates: in education, health, human development, gender, poverty, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, food and security as Namibia strives to address its development challenges, we are called upon to bring our assets, reach to the global capacity and knowledge to help Namibia. Within that framework of supporting human development we strive to ensure that we have our partnership with Namibia well-articulated so that we can add value. We do this by working also with other agencies to coordinate policy, technical support and resources. Moses Magadza: What challenges do you envisage as you do  Read More

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