Democratic Governance

UNDP contributes towards improved democratic governance in Namibia by working in specific areas with the governance institutions that provide the best potential to improve oversight, human rights, accountability and participation. We also support the Law Reform and Development Committee and Electoral Commission of Namibia to Electoral Law Reform and influenced the draft legislation to regulate political party and campaign finance laws, processes and institutions to create an enabling environment for women’s participation as voters and candidates.

Our Goals

We aim to ensure that the capacity of public institutions and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) is strengthened to implement the national Anti-Corruption Strategy.more

undp_na_demgov_hererowmenCasting a Vote
Promoting Democracy

UNDP actively participates in public dialogues with the Namibia Non-Governmental Organizations Forum (NANGOF) to inform, advocate and educate the public on elections and also to keep the debate on key public policy issues alive. Above: Herero woman casting a vote . Photo - UNDP

Our Stories

  • Young people in the SAN community received ICT equipments and training supported by UNDP in 2007. Photo - UNDP

    San get on information highway

    Indigenous peoples such as the San have been marginalized by dominant societies and have therefore been excluded from exercising their democratic rights and having access to technologies. But things are changing for the oldest people of Africa. The San have started making the first steps towards the information highway. more

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Projects and Initiatives

Evaluation of the Reduction of the Human Poverty Programme in Namibia

The overall objective of the final evaluation of the Reduction of Human Poverty Programme (2006-2013) was to evaluate the degree of implementation, efficiency and quality delivered on outputs and outcomes, against what was originally planned or subsequently revised. more

Curriculum Development and In-service Teacher Training

There is a need to address continuous upgrading of unqualified and partly qualified teaching personnel at all levels in the basic education system more

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