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  • San get on information highwaySan get on information highwayIndigenous peoples such as the San have been marginalized by dominant societies and have therefore been excluded from exercising their democratic rights and having access to technologies. But things are changing for the oldest people of Africa. The San have started making the first steps towards the information highway.

  • Supporting the Anti-Corruption Strategy FrameworkSupporting the Anti-Corruption Strategy FrameworkUNDP is supporting the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in the process of developing a National Anti-Corruption Strategy.

Our Publications
Gap Analysis Study Report: Namibia and the United Nation's Convention Agianst Poverty

The purpose of this Gap Analysis is to examine and analyse the extent to which Namibia has complied with the provisions in the Convention. This will help in the identification of gaps that will inform future decision-making and reforms in terms of Namibia’s national anti-corruption strategy.

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