Environment and Energy

UNDP is currently committed to providing support to mainstream environmental and energy issues into development planning; mobilize finance for improved environmental management; address increasing threats from climate change; and build local capacity to better manage the environment and deliver services, especially water and energy. We work with the dryland people and communities of Namibia to promote sustainable use and management of natural resources to preserve ecosystem integrity. We run programmes that focus on adaptation to climate change and combating desertification. We empower dryland people to drive their own developments, by putting in place conducive environments and sharing sustainable practices that protect natural environments and boost agriculture. We also work closely with the Namibian Government to safeguard our ecosystem and establish landscapes and conservancies managed by and for communities. more

Our Goals

UNDP support in the area of environment and energy is to strengthen national capacities to manage the environment in a sustainable manner while ensuring adequate protection of the poor.more

Small scale farmers adapt to changes in climate

Andreas Nguti Ashimbanga (right) received support from the Climate Change Adaptation project for his small crop farm. Photo - UNDP

Our Stories

  • Rhino pictured at Namibia's Etosha National Park

    Unconventional Landscapes: Protected Areas Expansion in Namibia
     Unconventional Landscapes: Protected Areas Expansion in Namibia

    Despite its arid lands, Namibia is rich in biodiversity. To date, it has 20 state-run protected areas comprising nearly 17% of the country’s total land area. These protected areas are a centrepiece of Namibia’s tourism industry, which in turn sustainably supports the country’s economic development.more

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Projects and Initiatives

Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Namibia’s Third National Communication to the UNFCCC

Third National Communication (TNC) project is necessary to ensure that Namibia fulfils its reporting obligation to the UNFCCC. The ultimate project output will be Namibia’s TNC submitted to the UNFCCC Secretariat by 2015. more

Concentrating Solar Power Technology Transfer for Electricity Generation in Namibia (CSP TT NAM)

The project aims to increase the share of renewable energies in the Namibian energy mix by developing the necessary technological framework and conditions for the successful transfer and deployment of CSP technology for on-grid power generation, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. more

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Our Publications
CPP ISLM - Innovative Grant Machanism Project Profiles

The Innovative Grants Mechanism (IGM) for ISLM is a component of the Country Pilot Partnership Programme (CPP-ISLM) which financially and technically supports activities that ensure sustainable land use and its resources, thus ensuring social and economic sustainability beyond the satisfaction of national and global environment objectives.

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