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UNDP’s Resident Representative to Namibia Ms. Kiki Gbeho together with the Minister of Water Agriculture and Forestry and NAFOLA colleagues; launched the carpentry workshop at the Okongo Forest project.

UNDP through the NAFOLA project is supporting the Ministry of Agriculture Water and Forestry; to reduce land degradation and pressure on Namibia’s forested lands.

NAFOLA is a project which looks at the sustainable management of Namibia’s Forested Lands. It started in 2014 and the objective is to reach 2019. The focus areas of this project include Environment and Sustainable Development and the projects main partners are the National Planning Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry.

 NAFOLA aims to decrease the pressure on forest resources by facilitating the gazettement of Community Forests, and increasing the capacity for the uptake of improved agriculture, livestock and forestry management practices in the community forest areas.

The project strives to maintain current dry forests and the ecosystem goods and services they provide in 13 Community Forests covering over 500,000ha of forest lands, through wide scale adoption of Suitable Land Management, Suitable Forest Management, and other improved technologies.

Namibia's dryland forests resources are currently under pressure from competing demands on the landscape such as overgrazing, over-harvesting, clearing of lands to grow crops, as well as changes to the climate.

This leads to loss of ecosystem goods and services for livelihoods. If deforestation and land degradation, is not controlled incomes and options for rural communities such as this one will be lost.


NAFOLA supports carpentry activities in this community forest. The project has also supported the: 

 • Construction of a carpentry workshop;
• Purchasing of wood saw machinery; 
• Training of community members on the use of machines and production
• Purchasing of a tractor for Ohangwena Region which is used to support timber harvesting

An investment of approximately N$ 2,8 million has been made by NAFOLA in this community forest.