UNDP supports 'War on Poaching'

UNDP Namibia supported the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) to launch the Anti- Poaching Billboards around the country, as well as an Anti-Poaching Law Enforcement Centre at Waterberg.

As the poaching of Rhinos and Elephants in Namibia continues to be a serious concern, Government through MET, together with the armed forces are proactively and aggressively tackling this serious challenge.
The billboards which are strategically placed at certain points around the country, aim to increase awareness about Poaching and the Illicit Trafficking and Trade of Wildlife. Due to the limited public information about the risks, impact and cost of poaching on the economy and society at large, government decided to ensure that Namibians are provided with the correct and necessary information. 
UNDP Namibia commends the government of Namibia for recongnizing the risks that poverty and the lack of alternative livelihoods could play in poaching and the illegal trafficking of wildlife. 
The rise of poaching in Namibia has highlighted, an institutional gap, and a gap in skilled professionals. An understanding of standards and best practise, when it comes to poaching was lacking. 


The Anti-Poaching Law enforcement training center will ensure that a cadre of trained anti-poaching officials will be available to manage all activities related to poaching; ranging from inspection and detection all the way to prosecution. 
UNDP Resident Representative to Namibia, Kiki Gbeho, says the ongoing battles against illegal wildlife poaching and trafficking are problems that very much on the agenda of the international community. 
“The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15 expresses global determination to combat the illegal trade in wildlife, in this waging war against poaching UNDP Namibia funded the billboards and law enforcement training centre to the tune of N$ 6 million dollars,” Gbeho said.
Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta announced that government will engage commercial farmers to join forces with government, to combat poaching on privately owned land.