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Our support towards poverty analysis in Namibia

The Economic Policy and Poverty Unit of UNDP Namibia in partnership with the Stellenbosch University’s research on Social Policy Centre and the Southern Africa Social Policy Insight all based in South Africa through South-South Cooperation successfully empowered 14 Development Advisors from Nationalmore


Understanding poverty data in Namibia

As a middle-income country with one of the most unequal income distributions in the world, Namibia is a place of poverty amid plenty. According to the recent Namibia Household Income and Expenditure Survey, more than one in four households live in poverty. Furthermore, the poorest 10 percent of housmore

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Datazone level Namibian Index of Multiple Deprivation

In November 2009, the Khomas Regional Council requested UNDP to assist in designing an objective criterion or set of criteria, devoid of political and other considerations, which the Council could use in allocating development resources. Subsequent discussions led to an agreement that other stakeholders, especially the Central Bureau of Statistics needed to be involved and that the criterion or set of criteria needed to go beyond income poverty considerations. It was also agreed that rather than focus on Khomas region alone, the criterion or set of criteria needed to be applicable to, or cover the entire country.

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