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  • Gender-Based Violence Art ExhibitionGender-Based Violence Art ExhibitionThe National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) in partnership with UNDP, UNAIDS and Victims 2 Survivors successfully hosted a national exhibition titled “Unite to end Gender-based Violence (GBV)” from 28 June to 02 August 2013 at the gallery’s premises in Windhoek.

  • San get on information highwaySan get on information highwayIndigenous peoples such as the San have been marginalized by dominant societies and have therefore been excluded from exercising their democratic rights and having access to technologies. But things are changing for the oldest people of Africa. The San have started making the first steps towards the information highway.

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Assessement of Women and Child protection Services in Namibia

Although research data on protection issues in Namibia is limited, a number of studies conducted by the Government, UN agencies and local NGOs help to identify the key concerns  that require urgent attention either due to their high prevalence  or due to their particularly serious nature.

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