UNDP Namibia is proud to announce a new partnership with the Free Rangers Comic Book. The comic book is a product of theKAYEC Trust in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and EDuVentures as well as the Namibian Newspaper.

The comic book has a conservation focus in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Six issues have been scheduled to launch The Namibian Newspaper from September 18 to November 27 (reaching an estimated 666,000 kids and adults nationwide).

Background: Research from 2015 shows that only 22 percent of Namibian Grade 6 learners read in their free time - a key factor in academic success. Most readers are in urban areas and at better-funded schools. One of the main reasons reported for this low reading is lack of access to reading materials.

The comic book is aiming to address the issue at a national level by including free children’s story comics, with Namibian plots and characters, in the Namibian youth paper every two months, starting in October 2017. Each issue would have 40,000 copies distributed nationwide.


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