United Nations Partnership Framework

Aug 22, 2013

The Government of the Republic of Namibia will tomorrow sign a new partnership agreement with the United Nations (UN) system in Namibia. The signing ceremony will take place in the Commissioners’ Room, National Planning Commission (NPC), Government Office Park at 10.00 Hrs and will be presided over by Mr. Tom Alweendo, Director General of the NPC, on behalf of the Government and Mr. Musinga T. Bandora, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Namibia, on behalf of the UN system.

The new partnership document, christened the United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF), covers the period 2014 – 2018 and outlines the collective response of the UN to priority national development challenges outlined in the fourth National Development Plan (NDP 4). The UNPAF is the outcome of an extensive consultative process led by the GRN and involving the UN, civil society organisations (CSOs), the private sector and academia and brings an innovative approach to the UN system’s engagement in Namibia within the framework of a new strategic partnership between the Government and the UN in Namibia. This new strategic partnership is founded on the principles of government ownership and leadership of national development processes; use of existing government systems; full alignment of UN country programmes with the NDP 4; where appropriate and at the request of Government, implementation through the UN system, of government-funded sector programmes and projects; leveraging the limited available resources; and progressive and sequenced movement towards Delivering as One.

The signing of this new partnership agreement takes place against the backdrop of a shared realisation by the Government and the UN system that the role of the UN in Namibia has evolved from one of providing development assistance to one of partnership. Consequently through this new partnership the UN system will provide technical support and policy advisory services, as well as limited financial resources (to the tune of some USD 80 million over a period of five years) to supplement those availed by the Government and other stakeholders, in order to support the realization of the NDP 4 objectives. The UN support will be built around the following pillars:

  • Education and skills development
  • Health, including health systems strengthening and promotion of multi-sectoral mechanisms for reducing the burden of priority diseases.
  • Poverty Reduction, including research into root causes of poverty, promotion of food security and income generation and strengthening on national capacities for environmental management.
  • Improving the institutional environment, including improved governance and monitoring and evaluation.

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