Dare to Experiment: Informal traders connected to E-commerce platforms

This initiative is an online option designed to keep the businesses of informal retailers in markets going by connecting them onto a digital space. A small start-up called Tambula Online Shop had…  

Reconsidering Government through five new e-Governance ideas

The dutiful learning cycle of the Lab took us from seeking solutions around improving data quality, reasons behind slow decentralization of services and exploring ways of public participation and…  

From a Virtual Hackathon to six Namibian Tech Solutions for COVID-19

Depending on the lens through which we choose to view the crisis, we can position ourselves to engage in the fast-tracking of innovation.  

Using Good Data to Take a Bite Out of Poverty

Having data that is well coordinated data does NOT guarantee that good decisions will follow. For this reason, the #AccLab intends to run an experiment that will look at how improved data quality can…  

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