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Opening Remarks at the Commemoration of the International Youth Day

The Benguela Current Convention (BCC) through the UNDP-supported Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME) Project has joined us in celebrating this day under the theme: Youth Engagement for…  

Namibian Service Innovators rewarded

Many of the current challenges that governments have been facing are issues which either have to do with cumbersome and manual processes that are tedious and require “out of the box thinking”.  

Hand-washing made easy for the Muyengas

Mr Muyenga Petru, a pensioner in his late sixties from the Ndama informal settlement in the Kavango East region, has had a long-term concern with the hygiene of his family.  

Launch of new Integrated Landscape Approaches project

NILALEG is designed to promote an integrated landscape management approach that assimilates key agricultural and forest landscapes sustainable practices. The project aims to reduce poverty through…  

Health Ministry receives supplies and equipment from UNDP

UNDP’s support to Namibian front-line workers ensures that they are equipped to consistently track the pandemic as they execute the various responsibilities at the Emergency Operating Centre  

Connecting informal vendors to a digital platform

The UNDP Namibia Accelerator Lab partnered with Tambula, a local online shop to provide informal traders with a digital commercial platform to reach more clients.  

Namibian conservancies receive COVID-19 relief

The facility aims to respond to the threat that COVID-19 poses to long-term sustainability and success of the community-based conservation programme of Namibia.  

UNDP hands over NAFOLA project & launches livestock marketing facility

The auction kraal is constructed through the Sustainable Management of Namibia’s Forested Lands (NAFOLA) Project with funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), supported by UNDP Namibia and…  

UNDP brings localisation of the SDGs closer with an SDG online Hub

The new site features streamlined and easy access to essential information such as indicators showing how Namibia is faring in realising the achievement of the SDGs. It features the latest indicator…  

Project Site visit for Hepatitis E- affected areas in Windhoek

To date, the project built 8 Sanitation centres in the two constituencies to demonstrate how to build proper toilet facilities. More than 3400 households with approximately 13,000 inhabitants were…  

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