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More people are calling for governments to address the climate crisis. But there has not been a global and simple way for citizens to make their voices heard by policymakers. As part of UNDP’s Climate Promise, and under the Mobilization Pillar of UNDP’s Climate Strategy, Mission 1.5 is tool to help Country Offices to bridge this gap.


The Mission 1.5 game is a global campaign that aims to educate and survey the opinions of 20 million people on how to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The campaign is built around a web-based and mobile game that puts players in the role of policymakers so they can vote on the climate policies they want to see. 


Governments often lack access to reliable information on what people think about climate action. This campaign empowers them to take the ambitious action we need to keep our planet safe for future generations. With more and more global citizens mobilizing on climate action, especially young people, Mission 1.5 provides a bridge between citizens and governments ahead of the UN climate talks in Glasgow later this year.


The game can be accessed via


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